Help restore Kavonge-Museve forest in Kitui

By moses: The forest is in Kitui Central district and is of great economic importance to the residents of this arid district. The vegetation cover of the forest is changing at an alarming rate due human activities. Kavonge is the only main water tower in the larger Kitui District. It is also a source of tributaries feeding into Ntheeu and Kalundu river which is a source of livelihood to communities living downstream. The rivers now are dry as sign of environmental destruction in the forest. Endangered tree species such east african sandal wood, scientifically known as Osyris Lanceolata among others are dominant in the forest. wildlife is also another valuable resource in the forest.

WCK has been promoting grassroots participation in tree planting activities and enhancing environmental stability through the youth. we recognise the importance of the youth as an important tool for effective tranfer of tree planting techniques. Eological walks have also been going on in the forest for awareness creation and educational purposes.  We intend to plant 10,000 seedling in this rain season (October – December) to rehabilitate the forest.

-USD 100 – could help to plant 750 seedlings in the forest.

-USD 500 – could help to purchase 3750 seedlings.

-USD 1000 – could help to restore 1/4 ha of the forest.

Please help! Your gift today will not only restore the forest but will give the community a  brighter future.   

Thank you.

  students-in-the-forest.jpg students inside the forest            kalundu-river.jpg  Kalundu river originates in the forest                              pupils-from-kyanika.jpg pupils holding seedlings ready to plant in the forest    

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