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Komba 2007

Wildlife Clubs of Kenya continues to work for the benefit of the youth of this country. We use different fronts to educate our members and the last issue of Komba for 2007 has been distributed to over 2,000 schools. Join us in educating our members.




Komba is an exciting magazine put together by the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. It is the only free magazine on wildlife and environment conservation in Kenya distributed to over 2,000 WCK Clubs (200,000 students).

Komba is published thrice a year to complement the Kenyan school term. Research scientists, teachers and students with a passion for wildlife contribute the articles.

Komba’s goal is to promote wildlife and environment conservation. For that reason, it is not sold as many of the readers are poor and selling it is like denying them the opportunity to participate in conservation.

Yet in today’s world, our wildlife is at risk from over exploitation and misuse and we need to educate our youth in every way we can. It is always a challenge to keep printing and distributing Komba to over 2,000 Wildlife Clubs countrywide. Annually, we need 27,000 US Dollars, if we are to continue producing Komba for the youth.