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The Inhumane way


What do you think of this elephant? It’s such a disturbing image. But it happens, and its done by people. Just like what happened to this elephant, thousands of innocent and voiceless wild creatures are subjected to all sorts of inhumane treatment everyday. We need to change our negative perceptions towards wildlife conservation through learning and actions. The Mobile Conservation Education Unit welcomes you in undertaking the vital task of educating and involving hundreds of thousands of Kenyan children and communities in wildlife conservation. Let’s learn to treat our wild animals in a humane way

Poached elephant

Poached elephant

The Climate Change Campaign

 By Gabriel:The climate change effects are now real. The rains are unpredictable. With a big percentage of the Africa population including Kenya depending on rain fed agriculture, then social and economic future of this region is blink. Climate change is also among the major threats facing our wildlife. In this year’s drought for example Kenya has lost 40 out of its 2000 grevy zebras, 600 hippos, over 200 elephants and hundreds of other species. The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya’s Mobile Conservation Education Unit, has embarked on serious measures of educating and involving the school children and public at large in combating the climate change effects and more specifically developing suitable adaptive and mitigation measures. In the month of July, September and October 2009 alone a total of 25,600 school children have benefited from this charitable wildlife education program. Extensive public educational programs, creating climate change publications, tree planting measures, proper ways of harvesting and storing water, balancing both wildlife and livestock requirements are some of the key measures in place.  Thousands of our school children have as well been involved in the Seal The Deal petition form signing ahead of the COP 15 Copenhagen summit this year. Your financial and material support will make it possible for us to jointly address this critical issue.  Nothing to eat   Dead Buffalo    Children Signing Climate petition forms

Mobile Education Unit

Jambo! Our Mobile Education Unit has been on the move. Over 20,000 school children have benefited from the program in the month of February and March 2008, and we plan to reach more and more. As usual it involved intensive traveling to reach the schools; across the equator in laikipia, tranversing the elephant hideouts of Mt Kenya and Meru to the undulating hill slopes and savannas of Eastern Kenya bordering Tsavo East National Park.


It gets interesting everyday and we discover new activities with the children. The fun and educational films, talks on conservation and Wildlife club activities as well as educational materials issued makes the program a preference to both teachers and students. Possible solutions on rampant cases of human wildlife conflicts were discussed during the visits as well as ways of creating wildlife habitats.


Public awareness is an important component in conservation and therefore this program is a vital tool, but even much more, the films and activities are practical teaching aides to subjects theoretically taught in the schools. It’s vivid, this free program has to keep going for the benefit of Kenyan youth and public at large. We thank all individuals and organizations who have tirelessly supported this program. And we kindly appeal for more financial and material support. Lets educate our youth, they are the future conservationists.


Mobile Education Unit

The Mobile Education Unit (MEU) has been and continues to be one of the most popular conservation education programmes of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya. It is an outreach programme that reaches Wildlife Clubs at grassroots level countrywide taking conservation messages in a lively and entertaining way. The MEU travels to schools in most parts of Kenya and in most cases remote areas of the country where electricity and water have yet to reach and poverty levels are highest.

Gabriel Ngale-The Mobile Education Unit Officer reports:

In the Month of October the Unit visited schools in the far flung areas of Nairobi region including Amboseli, Kiambu, Limuru, Ruiru and the Athi kapiti Plains. In a period of two weeks 14 schools and over 4,000 school children were reached. Hundreds of the children from these secluded schools in remote areas benefited from this free program. For the first time in their lives they were shown enticing films about wildlife. They also received some educational wildlife magazines to read. Gabriel gave talks on why and how to conserve wildlife as well as activities that can be started. Schools that form wildlife clubs have many priviledges including visiting Kenyas National Parks at no cost and they can get accommodation at Wildlife Clubs of kenya hostels in various National Parks.
The entire program was fun and educational and the school kids are calling for more of such programs.